Monday, May 20, 2013


Try as hard as I may, I cannot keep away from black. When I first met my boyfriend, he would constantly encourage me to wear colours. To humour him, I would. And then swiftly change back into something black before leaving the house. It's nothing new. It's got nothing to do with 'figure' enhancing. Or anything. I just have a fascination for black ever since I can remember.

This post, today, is after months of being devoid of inspiration. After finishing the TV room, I took up the challenge to create something using colours. And even like some ideas. But just cannot be sure about executing them. Because I know, I cannot, absolutely cannot live, with what I don't love.

Anyway, here's my latest baby. Adding to my collection of black, introducing to you, the black wall. I adore it and can't wait to throw things there and fix the space up. Maybe will throw in some colours too. But only to support my main baby.

Let me know if you love it, or love it? :)

Camera shy?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This post is no big reveal or anything. It’s one of the last few things left to do in the TV room. If you will remember, in this post, Jimmy Hendrix and The Beatles were taken off the streets and given a home. They looked pretty decent on the table, except the wall on the left looked a little barren. And somehow I couldn’t find a way to tie up the whole place. Hence it looked a little unfinished.

So last weekend I decided to remove them from the table and put them up on the wall. And for the emptiness on the table, I decided to put up a picture that I had clicked. The soldier on the beach. Together with all my empty frames. The blues and blacks of the pictures seem to be going well with the black and white domination on the table. I’m happy with the results. For now at least. Here are the pictures of what the table looks like.


Thursday, April 18, 2013


Once again, flowers get weightage on my blog. I tried some arrangements with an assortment of blooms. Hope you like them.

Lots of things going on around the place. Excited for the next couple weeks. Got a shipment from Calcutta as well. Will show you guys soon! Enjoy your long weekend. See you next week. :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Lesson number 1: Dark doesn’t work everywhere. 

This part of the house is scary. It’s the one you get judged by the most. Naturally. And I started out on the wrong foot. My love for dark rooms. 

Not only did I decide to do the blinds without thinking about what I wanted to do with the rest of it. I also confidently went for a double layer of lining! This was during the time when I was figuring out the blinds in the TV room. I suppose excitement made me just go for it and get it done all at once. It was a disaster.

I went from a dark living room with ugly green curtains to a still dark living room with pink and beige blinds. Waste of time, fabric, energy and of course, money. I hated how it was looking.
Nightmares are made of these.
And this is no dream catcher either.
So over the few weeks I've been trying to figure out what to do with the situation. Do up the living room around the blinds, colour the walls to match them or just simply re-do the whole thing. I decided to re-do them because the blinds were just not allowing any light in, and because my living room is long with only one source of light, all the way in, it seemed like a bad idea to stick with something knowing it was a mistake. 

I decided to go with a sheer and opaque combination of roman blinds. I have to say, I love the results. And I’ve also learnt my lesson. Here is the progress. I’d be happy to hear what you think and hope you keep track of other to-be learnt lessons as I carry forward. :-)


Matching cushions. Of course.

I can see! I can see! I'm not blind anymore.

Better, or what?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Now that I'm almost done with the TV/entertainment room, I've shifted focus onto my living room. There are some more posts pending from the other room which I'll write about shortly.

What's been happening over the last few weeks is repeat trips to the timber market, doing recces for fabrics, scanning home decor shops and markets for finds... stuff like that. And of course, feeling terrible about the million and one pictures of Goa Fest getting uploaded on Facebook!

In this post, what I really wanted to speak about is light coloured interiors. I'm sure I'm not alone in my love for whites and creams in the living room. It's elegant, classic, beautiful, delicate and simply divine! But that's the short lived good side of it. Waiting on the other side is dust, dirt, filth and every satanic characteristic in that range.

However, if you’re a die-hard, like I am, and must get your dose of light colours at home then here are a few tips I’ve gathered going along.

1.      Curtains/blinds: One of the most obvious things in the room, and it also takes up a large part of the visual experience. Hence, go for the lightest lights and the whitest whites as far as curtains or blinds are concerned. Maintaining it is as simple as a trip to the dry cleaners like once (if you push it) or twice a year.

2.      Sofas: The second largest piece you find in living rooms. Unless you have a grand piano! Which I don’t so sofa counts as number two. Go for colours in the range of biscuits and beiges. Maybe a tad darker too. But avoid lighter because just about anything will show. With biscuits and beiges you go scott-free for long because it almost matches dirt and dust! 
Beige sofa, faux leather ottoman, white curtains, sisal rug. Images: Google

3.      Protecting sofa fabrics: One of the simplest ways to protect your sofa fabric is by having false covers made, of course. But here’s one that I discovered recently, and I think is pretty cool. Scotchgard sofa-guard. 

Call your local dry cleaners or even the little upholstery shop in your neighbourhood and they’ll come home and do it for you. Basically what it is is a layer of some waxy solution that they put on your sofa fabric. It’s non-transferable, odour-free and children/animal safe. And what it does is forms an oil coat which prevents liquids from soaking into the fabric.

4.      Carpets and rugs: This one is the most challenging as far as looking after goes. And the biggest colour-block in a room. Because of which, the most obvious choice is to go for reds and browns and blacks. My solution to this is go for sisal rugs, or other rugs made from natural fibres. They’re not woven like a traditional Persian carpet or a Kilim rug. They’re broad weaves and clean up with just a weekly run through with a vacuum cleaner.

5.      Accent sofas/chairs/benches/ottomans: Have you ever looked at something and thought it ugly, and then seen it in a totally different context and thought the world of it? I have. That ugly turned lovely thing is faux leather. I was looking at some fabrics for an ottoman and one of my concerns was, they look so comfortable, it’ll be difficult keeping my dogs off them. And I was hopelessly going for a dark colour when it struck me that faux leather is water-proof. Which means, if it gets dirty, stained or dog-pawed, I just need to wipe it and it’s clean! I have to say that was a very proud moment for me. So yes, go ahead and try it. Some of them actually look darned good. Far cry from the rexines that all waiting rooms across industry have adopted like a family member.
White stool/accent table, silver frames, light cushions. Images: Google

6.      Tables and accents: Avoid dark browns and blacks. When you buy a coffee table, see the lightest you can go. Even as basic as natural wood colour with a gloss coat over it and voila, you’re done! What I’m currently a fan of is very basic metal frames with glass, and if you’re feeling edgy, even a mirror top looks great!

Accent tables too, similar rules. Additionally, go completely white too if you want. What it does is visually, most things in the room, from the smallest accents to the curtains, they’re all in that white/cream/light brown area.

7.      Wall decor: If you want to go for the light feel throughout, try avoiding paintings and pictures with too many bright colours. Go for pastels and very light colours. As for pictures, black and whites rock. Frame them in thin white, silver or light gold frames, with neutral margins, and you’re good to go.
Floor lamps, table lamps. throw blanket and of course flowers. Images: Google
8.      Cushions and throws: This is a really nice and easy way to make a room feel pretty and welcoming. Throw in different sizes and fabrics. What they also do is take away a little of the beige-ness of the sofas.

9.      Lighting: Invest in lamp shades, tall and short ones. They create warmth that ceiling lights just can’t compete with. Give them different shades, maybe in some pastel colours too if you like. They’re cheap and you can keep changing them too when they get unmaintainably dirty. Throw in a black too if you want some relief.

10.  There’s no more. I just wanted it to look like a top-10. But enjoy these living rooms which are done up in a similar easy-to-maintain-yet-wonderfully-pleasing-to-the-eyes manner. :)

Image: Google

Image: Google

Image: Google
This is basically it for now. If you’re looking to do a makeover of your living room, and yearn for light colours, try some of these tips out. And let people keep guessing how you keep your whites looking so white. As always, if you have any thoughts, ideas, and/or tips I would absolutely love to hear from you!